The Silenced Sauer

More and more legislations are being implemented across the European continent to improvise use of silencers on firearms. This has been mandatory to use on several estates and forests across the continent, and now most countries have taken a step further to include as a national matter.

Lessening noise for the shooter, accompanying guests, wildlife and possible residents residing near a forest or hunting ground.

The German firearm manufacturer, Sauer, has revolutionised its modular 404 rifle with an integral suppressor. The Sauer 404 Silence, has its smooth barrel-silencer combination which evenly distributes the silencer’s weight over the entire length and thus provides less top-heaviness as when using an over or on-barrel silencer. This type of construction provides you with an ergonomic rifle for when shooting at moving targets.

Available from October 2019 in wood grades 5 and 8, and chambered in; .308 win, 8×57 IS, 9,3×62, .30-06 Spring, .300 win mag.