500 to 3,500 Euro fine for anyone who disturbs hunters

In the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, a proposed law is targeting anyone who disturbs any hunting practice. The following statement “An administrative fine of 500 to 3,500 euros to punish those who disturb or upset or interrupt hunting, or harass hunters in the course of their practice” this is what is being proposed as a national law, provides being filed with the regional council as proposed by Mayor Mara Piccin.

“We are now seeing a full hatred towards hunters,” said Piccin. ” for this reason I think it is time to give a signal of the institutions, in particular from the State that has jurisdiction over this case, with new rules that contrast those who prevent a lawful activity that is rooted in human life from the beginning. The intensification of intolerance towards a planned and regulated activity of the law is worrying.

There is now a frequent presence, against hunters, of abuses and violent verbal expressions, on social media and not only, but also to violent acts. In detail, the proposed national law “contemplates a specific administrative fine against; force – against behaviours or demonstrations impeding hunting activity (with the exception of agricultural activity, as specified in the proposal, ed.), Which can also be added, if in the presence of crimes already punished by the Penality Code, to the appropriate penalties “. Piccin adds: ” for example, the burning of two high seats in the Campoformido Reserve last week: among other things, I immediately condemned what happened, which should appear obvious to an exponent of the institutions, which has later followed in the press, with an attack by an anti-hunting activist of an animal rights association, complete with serious inaccuracies ».

So he concludes: “I repeat that hunting is carried out by authorized citizens after having undergone visit; medical checks and police checks, in the ways and within the times established by science and by national and European institutions. It should be remembered that even the Court of Justice of Human Rights in Strasbourg ruled, as early as 2011, that hunting is part of the management and conservation of nature and has a necessary and justified public relevance ”