A caliber for every hunting purpose?

We have had a chat with Eric von Schulthess owner and founder of Capra outdoor, he explained to us a vision he had to develop a caliber that is suitable to hunt from a “FOX TO BUFFALO”, which he reckons they found an answer.

The calibre is the 10.3 CAPRA, which is a C.I.P approved caliber and he says that this is the answer! The 10.3 CAPRA does not need a Magnum Action. During the development of the lead-free CAPRA COMPACT bullet, the focus was on reliable deformation at normal shooting distances, which is why a higher BC value was dispensed with. Due to the reliable deformation of the bullet in the shot animal, a good shock effect is achieved. The bullet was provided with a sharp edge to ensure a circular bullet hole. The necessary and uniform energy output is ensured by the high bullet mass. 2 to 3 times caliber-sized exit wound offers the necessary stalking signs. Designed according to the LFB 3 BAND technology, the bullet is guides its way through the barrel’s rifling via the three guide bands.

The lead-free CAPRA COMPACT bullet was developed for the followers of the splinter-free deformation bullets. The use of a special material and the structure of the bullet ensure that the bullet deforms and does not splinter. This is guaranteed for both weak and strong game.

Currently we find bullet weights ranging from 219 grains to 380 grains with muzzle velocities ranging from 965m/s to 716m/s respectively.