*HUNTMAG.eu * is aimed to be Europe’s leading online shooting and hunting portal. It was launched in 2016 and since then it targeted hunting, shooting, falconry and the gun dog world’s.

The main focus of the portal is to share different experiences from Northern Europe to the Mediterranean, also focusing mainly on reviews and latest news from the leading manufacturers from the respected trades.

The portal looks closely at the mentioned dedicated sectors from all angles, starting with the very practical, moving through all the gears, informative up to the technical and political issues. With a dedicated team of passionate experts in the sector it is aimed to be informative and entertaining for both reader and trader.

We also encourage and promote craftsmanship in the trade sector, by explaining and sharing the talent of bespoke finished articles. We also look closely and follow all important trade shows in Europe. By sharing different experiences, we sure promote respect of every country’s’ hunting and shooting tradition which is meant to be safeguarded for generations to come.