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If hunting is your passion, then you have come to the right place. We are hunting enthusiasts who want to share different experiences of hunting throughout the continent and offer you the latest news and stories on hunting practices, firearms, dogs, ammunition, clothing, optics – you name it! if it’s related to hunting, then you’ll find it here!

Why We Started – We love hunting and wanted to share our experiences with the continent. Our goal was to create an online community of hunting enthusiasts, where people from all over Europe could share their stories, discover new products, learn new techniques and feel part of a community!

What We Cover – Our mission is to offer you a comprehensive online portal that will cover every aspect, from hunting tips to craftsmanship, firearms, clothing, optics and ammunition. We want you to find everything you might need here. That’s why we have collaborated with firearm manufacturers, hunting optic leaders and veteran hunters.

What To Expect – Our main focus is to create a community of hunters, gun enthusiasts and outdoorsy people and share our experiences. From the fjords of Norway to the forests of Greece, our experiences are what make us unique. And we try to share those experiences by offering dedicated hunting tips, news and advice.

Not Just A Digital Platform – We have decided to publish a digital online magazine covering all the hottest new products, breaking hunting news and product testing. And that’s not all. Find out exciting hunting tips, stories from all over Europe and become a part of a rapidly-growing hunting community.

Exclusive Videos & Channels – If you want to find out the best hunting gear or firearms first, then our fun and real-life reviews will help you gain a deeper understanding of hunting accessories. Plus, we have been coordinating shows for two of the largest hunting TV channels in Europe – Caccia TV and Fieldsports Channel.

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It was created by hunting enthusiasts FOR hunting enthusiasts. Now you can have your own online portal and digital magazine. Discover new products, find in-depth reviews and have fun while doing it. You don’t have to visit hundreds of websites anymore. Everything you need is here!

Welcome To HuntMag.Eu!