‘Accurate, Deadly, Dependable’ – a quote that turned a perfectionist to an entrepreneur

The 6,5 Creedmoor by Hornady - Photo CJ Foran

Innovation in bullet design started during the mid-1960s when the “inner groove” bullet was designed. During the 1970’s Joyce’s youngest son, Steve Hornady joined the company and as additional management support was essential at that time the company expanded into the reloading sector. It was the beginning of an exciting era.

Later in 1977, Hornady introduced one of their most essential innovations; the “InterLock” design. A bullet that features an interior ring that locks the jacket and core together, increasing bondage, thereby minimizing separation.

A tragedy later broke out in 1981; when Hornady’s founder and his companions were traveling en-route to New Orleans visiting the SHOT Show, when tragically the companies plane crashed and the visionary of Hornady’s future was suddenly gone.

As the company was moving forward, Steve Hornady became President, and under his leadership and with continuous active support and involvement from the Hornady family the business boomed. Later in 2006, Steve’s son, Jason Hornady, became director of sales and is currently vice-president. Hornady Manufacturing Company has gone from a small start-up business to become the largest independently owned maker of bullet, ammunition and reloading tools in the World.

What started from a two-man operation back in 1949, the world leading bullet innovator presently have got an impressive quality product line for center-rifles, rim-fire rifles, handguns, and shotguns respectively.

Today Hornady has got over 9 international patents, and over 17 different bullet designs which makes them World leaders in bullet design innovation, while being “Accurate, Deadly and Dependable.”