BLASER – Together for the Future of Hunting and Conservation

One of main partners, (European Federation for Hunting and Conservation) FACE to be supported by one of the World’s largest firearms manufacturer, BLASER, based in Isny, Germany.

“We would like to strengthen our support of the work of the European Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FACE)”, said Wiebke Lüke, Head of Blaser Marketing.

FACE represents the interests of over seven million hunters in Europe and is probably the largest representative body of hunters in the world.

Sustainability and scientific expertise determine the course of action of the federation coupled with strong dialogue with European policy makers. The challenges are manifold, as most of the regulations and laws affecting hunting have their origin in Brussels. “All the more important that the voice of the hunters is better heard”, says Wiebke Lüke.

FACE have recently developed the Patron Programme, BLASER will join the newly developed Programme of FACE.