BREDA announced the birth of the ZENITH

World known Italian firearms maker; BREDA, is pleased to announce the birth of a brand new range of ZENITH shotguns. Breda introduces into the market a truly new over and under, designed and executed without any compromise.

Designed by the input of some of the best specialists in the sector, the Zenith is designed for game shooting and competition. Specialists have been consulted to design the geometry of the stocks, mounting angles, the inner geometry of the barrels, the balance of the firearm, the trigger pull, its adjustments and of course more within the mono-block itself.

Breda Zenith

The Breda Zenith has a slim receiver profile with a very neat design, with an amazing clean line of sight with the top lever positioned under the rib; there is a flat straight area that just ‘invites’ the eye to look over the rib, gaining a natural aim.

For the first time ever, the receiver is made in two different materials: forged steel for the main body, & a lighter alloy (7075T6, used mainly in aerospace industry thanks to its great strength and lightweight) for the trigger group. This choice of materials balances perfectly a central mass to maintain a perfect overall balance.

A low profiled monoblock corresponds with a barrel that has an equally low profile; one unique (and patented) new feature is a replaceable locking plate that can be exchanged as the gun wears with extended use.

The barrels sets with internal chokes, the threaded joint between the chokes and the barrels is almost seamless; thanks to the high precision of the muzzle diameter (18.6) and to the concentricity of the chokes. The long forcing cones have dimensions of 80mm long and are completely tapered, to give a low-recoil and uncompromising shot pattern

The gun-makers at Breda, select amazing walnut blanks, naturally dried to ensure the best strength. The oiling operation is made by hand and takes no less than 7 days to get the stock and forend properly oiled. Last but not least, the Zenith has been engraved by Bottega Cesare Giovanelli. The theme is designed by Dario Cortini to maintain with the collaboration between the two companies to design the best Breda firearms. Two finishes are available in Black or Silver.