British LONGTHORNE patented barrel technology

Originally from Lancashire, James Longthorne Stewart and family embarked on an adventure back in 2006 while having a conversation with a friend. James being an engineer designed his own guns with one aim to produce an innovative English shotgun, by means of using high-tech modern equipment but still keeping a traditional English shotgun identity.

The first Longthorne shotgun was launched back in 2010 at Ragley hall CLA games fair.

One of the most innovative yet distinct characteristics of Longthorne is the barrel technology, which was granted a UK patent back in 2015, followed by other patents in the US, Europe and Asia.

When James and his family embarked on their new venture, to produce a British shotgun being innovative and advanced while maintaining classic lines. The highly innovative method of their patented barrels manufacturing process starts from a single billet piece of approximately 27kg of high specced steel, machining the barrel to approximately 1.3kg depending on their respective length.

The result has a number of benefits; making the barrels not only strong but also light in weight. By eliminating the need of a heavy soldered centre rib, they are able t add weight to the barrel wall thickness. Despite their weight, the barrels are chambered in 3” and can be ‘London’ proofed for Magnum steel up to a full (fixed) choke.

The barrels are honed to very fine tolerances, having a small central i-beam between the barrels measuring less than 2mm, result that they shoot exactly where they are pointed at.

Another significant benefit is that Longthorne firearms have a negligible recoil with the heaviest loads. Not just the barrel manufacturing process helps decreasing recoil, but also thanks to the low profile action which minimises ‘muzzle flip’.

Longthorne is able to tailor the barrel length and the top rib to your requirements during the manufacturing process and can incorporate a rib more suited to game or clay shooting, which enables them also to adjust the weight of your bespoke gun whilst maintaining the optimum balance.

This theory is not new, and in fact the renowned engineer Joseph Whitworth recognised the benefits and patented barrels manufactured from a single piece of steel in 1857, unfortunately, at that time the manufacturing methods were expensive in comparison to labour costs of that day, and so the fabricated method of making barrels prevailed at that time.

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