The Italian company from Gaggio Montano – BS PLANET, have launched a product at the HiT Show in Vicenza. For another time, they have been a pioneer for when it comes to electronic systems to the hunting world.

Sauro Bazzani, the Director and founder of BS PLANET, demonstrated to us a dog tracking system, after they have been in the industry for some time, and have continues doing research to have ideas from hunters to hunters.

The system BS3999 PLUS, is a dog GPS locator system, which can have more than 1000 individual dog collars. Can save up to 10,000 different way points on the dedicated MAP. The system works perfectly at respected distances from the locator to the transmitter collar at more than 70km. The system which makes it unique in the world, is now using a WI-FI transmission system which you can then connect with their dedicated Smart Watch, Smart phone and Tablet using any Android operating system.


The Smart Watch makes it easier for the user to be more focused while working the woods either with his pointing dogs or also while pursuing game such as Moose or Wild Boar. At a stance either while the dogs point or while the dogs start barking on a stationary animal the system indicates the user(Hunter) immediately and one can approach with the directional arrow on the watch in respect of the indicated distance. For pointing dogs, the user can have the facility of a beeper with a signal of 120dBm and for training purposes the collars utilize uses vibration function. So, one collar has the function of three collars at one time.

Radio-Collars have their battery last up to 90hours operating time! The system is also approved all over the European territory. The system is proudly Made in Italy and comes with a 3-year warranty.