The roles of falconry in the modern World – Part 2

Falconry and quarry species The ancient art of falconry, a hunting tradition, is defined as “taking quarry in its natural state and habitat by means...

The roles of Falconry in the modern World – Part 1

Abstract Falconry is one of oldest human activities, goes back thousands of years. It is defined as “taking quarry in its natural state and habitat...

Falconry practice legal again in Denmark

Falconry is one of the oldest hunting practices that survived more than 4,000 years, and is still practiced with the same methods as it...
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SAUER’s entry level rifles at a whole new level

Worldwide known rifle manufacturer, SAUER, during Europe’s largest trade expo taking place in Nuremberg Germany, have just launched five new S100 models.

Danish hunters to ban plastic wads use

The Danish hunting association and the association of arms dealers have just announced that they will outface the use of non-bio-degradable materials in shot shell wads.

The first pistol grip heating system from SAUER – ERGO HEAT

Be it sitting a waiting deer on a high-seat during winter, or during a driven hunt – hunters often have to fight against the cold. Because it is not so well wrapped up, the trigger finger can remain cold. Sauer found a solution!

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