Rigby’s new Rising Bite shotgun

When you buy a new British gun, you actually buy an old British gun, made recently. Every major maker still in business is selling...

When excitement breaks silence – The Fausti DEA SL ‘dedicata alla...

Just a couple of meters distant from a pine shrub, the dogs are still, rigid and trembling. Everything around the woodlands is still and...

Sauer’s SL5 Limited Edition debut

Back in 2017, Isny based company SAUER, debuted with its first semi-automatic shotgun, the SL5. A distinct flagship of elegance with its distinct ergonomic...

Re-emergence of a legend – The Rising Bite

Whether its centuries or decades, Legends are reborn. With over 240 years of gun-making experience, London gun maker, John Rigby and Co is set...

New ULTIMATE ergonomic stock for the Blaser R8

For a long time it has been requested by hunters, to have an adjustable stock comb for the Blaser’s modular R8 rifle. Isny based...

Krieghoff’s Victoria shotgun for her

The spirit of Artemis enchants within the hunting community. With a positive increase trend, women are getting more involved in fieldsports, than ever were...

The Ergonomic SAUER SL5 has been on the run!

Sauer’s first semi-automatic shotgun, the ergonomic Sauer SL5, has been around for some time now. We’ve been talking to various hunters across the globe...

STEYR’s ‘All-Steel’ Monobloc rifle

Austrian firearms manufacturer Steyr Arms, has recently launched that they will avail an all-steel constructed hunting rifle. When we quote All-Steel, we are referring...

When ones dream becomes reality at the Blaser Custom Shop

The DREAM FACTORY How often have we admired them at exhibitions or in catalogues: Hunting guns that are impressive testaments to the ancient arts of...

Carbon meets perfection, on the Sauer 404 Synchro XTC

Launched back in 2017, the SAUER 404 Synchro XTC, is still one of the best ‘modern’ looking rifles around from the Sauer family. Although...
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Most Popular

SAUER’s entry level rifles at a whole new level

Worldwide known rifle manufacturer, SAUER, during Europe’s largest trade expo taking place in Nuremberg Germany, have just launched five new S100 models.

Danish hunters to ban plastic wads use

The Danish hunting association and the association of arms dealers have just announced that they will outface the use of non-bio-degradable materials in shot shell wads.

Follow the adventurous experiences on Rigby’s Campfire blog

London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has recently launched their new web-based Campfire blog for like-minded Ladies and Gentlemen of Adventure.

Blaser’s R8 Carbon Success ergonomic rifle

The R8 has again raised the level of performance you should expect from your hunting rifle: Introducing the R8 Carbon Success! This elegant lightweight will be available from your authorized Blaser dealer starting in autumn 2017.