Cartridge Case Annealing

The modern cartridge case, formed from strips of brass, is a wonderful piece of engineering. Containing pressures up to possibly 60,000 PSI only a...

Northern Shooting Show 2020 moved dates to August

The organisers of the Northern Shooting Show, which was taking place on the 8-9th May 2020 in Harrogate, communicated that; "following the government announcement...

The Accuracy Twins

Of all of the items that affect rifle accuracy perhaps none are as important and have as much affect as the area surrounding the...

Hornady’s highlights for 2020

We take a look at the 2020 highlights of the American world-class ammunition manufacturer Hornady. For the European market we see an amazing introduction to...

The SL5 again on geese.

The winds started blowing whilst we were set in hides erected in the hedges. Overlooking the sun rising on the distant meadows of Aberdeenshire,...

IWA OutdoorClassics: „Special Edition“ in September 2020

IWA OutdoorClassics, the International Trade Fair for Hunting, Shooting Sports, Outdoor Activities and Security, will take place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 3...

LEICA PRS – The long-range optic

For anyone who has got long-distance shooting at hearth, when it comes to accuracy at a long-distance, shooters need to rely on uncompromising technology...

The Countryman – Through the seasons {book}

Nature's observation through the seasons is something remarkable and unfortunately nowadays very few observe the wonders and changes of the countryside. Author, natural historian, broadcaster,...

The Ideal festive gift!

Couple of weeks away from Christmas, means a couple of weeks winded with headaches on what gifts one will buy, for his/her loving one,...

Proposal to restrict lead in all ammunition requested by European Commission

The European Commission (EC) has requested the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to prepare a restriction proposal addressing the risk to wildlife and humans (via...
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Most Popular

SAUER’s entry level rifles at a whole new level

Worldwide known rifle manufacturer, SAUER, during Europe’s largest trade expo taking place in Nuremberg Germany, have just launched five new S100 models.

Danish hunters to ban plastic wads use

The Danish hunting association and the association of arms dealers have just announced that they will outface the use of non-bio-degradable materials in shot shell wads.

Is this the ultimate bipod?

Hunter Matt Barker from the Optical Armory blog gives us his insight about his experiences of using the Javelin bipod. We are truly thinking that this is the ultimate bipod available on the market for its versatility concept.

British LONGTHORNE patented barrel technology

This patented barrel manufacturing process usually takes around 9-10 months but this is only an estimate, the team at Longthorne always try their best, although their main priority is to take the necessary time and create the perfect gun.