Close look to the Beretta Vittoria Project

For the first time, ever, Beretta have initiated an important project to their portfolio, the Beretta Vittoria Project. The latest line of over and under shotguns designed specifically for women.

In total 6 versions of the 690-model series are going to vary in 12 and 20 gauge and in field and sporting versions. The 690 Vittoria series is the first Beretta shotgun dedicated specifically for women, and was developed in conjunction with world best passionate and professional female shooters from the world of Beretta. The objective was easy; to have in principle a smaller framed shotgun with the best performance that one would expect from a Beretta shotgun.

Exceptional wood grade, reduced pistol grip radius, reduced length if pull, and obviously, Beretta renowned HP Optima Bore Steelium barrels. The basic model would be the 690 Field/Sporting I – Vittoria, whilst the higher end version would be the 690 Field/Sporting III which have a better wood grading and engraved game scenes, always keeping in mind to keep the best ergonomics any “Diana” would desire to have.

In conjunction to their over and under shotgun, the Beretta Vittoria Project, is complete with its outstanding range of technical outfits, which have been designed for the upland and big game huntress. A more detailed dedicated article will soon be published on in respect of the technical outfit range.