Cosmi – Unique firearms exclusively

‘Unique pieces, exclusively’ that is the quote that Cosmi promote their firearms philosophy. I have had the privilege to observe Cosmi firearms and handle these pieces during expo’s and have always been fascinated of their distinct operational method.

Cosmi dates to the late 1800’s, within the hills of Montefeltro, Northern Italy. The ingenious Rodolfo Cosmi, a passionate hunter who started as a gunsmith which later started creating his own firearms.

Cosmi are well known for their distinct semi-automatic shotgun. An Italian hand crafted piece which is the first firearm of its kind that combines a semi-automatic system with a break open system.

Later in 1936, Rodolfo Cosmi before his demise, passed his craftsmanship to his two sons; Americo and Marcello. Both brothers decided to move their company to Ancona, where to date the society still operates from. For decades, Cosmi has evolved the system which gained international fame and Cosmi became a must have firearm for any true collector and passionate sportsmen.

Dr Luca Gaeti and Rodolfo Cosmi

Later in 2018, Dr Luca Gaeti joined the Cosmi family, whom he today helms Cosmi supporting Rodolfo Cosmi II and Federico Cosmi. Dr Gaeti a passionate hunter, from his early childhood he has been passionate about firearms. He always was fascinated with the Cosmi idea and in 2018 he committed to invest and promote Cosmi in bringing to life important projects maintaining the blends of traditional and innovation techniques by pure craftsmanship.

The semi-automatic shotguns are manufactured from over 100 different parts, which are all machined from solid material and fitted without any screw fastening!

All Cosmi semi-automatic shotguns are manufactured in 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410 gauges in deluxe standard, extra deluxe and prestige versions accordingly.

The Classic Cosmi is made from Steel material, but the 21st century brought a new era of producing a Titanium action, which benefits a stronger mechanism and a 10% weight saving from its Steel relative. Interesting enough that Cosmi was one of the first gun makers to use Titanium since early 1990’s.

Another model which is referred to the top-of-the-line for Cosmi is the Superleggero Titanio (SLT). This particular model is available with a Bohler Maraging steel barrel, and despite to its material a 12 gauge SLT weighs less than 3kgs with a rib less barrel, it still retains a perfect balanced firearm. This particular model (SLT) benefits a 20% weight reduction compared to the steel version! Never the less the Superleggero Titanio is available in all calibres.

As other high-end firearms makers, Cosmi also produced ‘Special Edition’ models such as the ‘Gold Special Edition’ and ‘Ceramic Model’.

One of the Special Editions

Cosmi, despite being known for their distinct semi-automatic shotguns also produce side by side shotguns, based on Holland & Holland mechanism. The fist side by side was first seen by the founder Rodolfo Cosmi back in 1920.

The Cosmi side by side

We thought to leave another interesting version for last. Within their lines, a particular version of the semi-automatic system comes also as a rifle! The Rigato (rifled) model uses the same distinct cycling system of the smooth barrelled shotgun. With a five plus one magazine capacity the Cosmi Rigato can propel 45-70 GOV and 444 Marlin calibres.

Cosmi Rigato

Retaining unique pieces, exclusively is synonym in every distinct unit produced by Cosmi. Personalisation of the high-end finish and engraving to the mechanism and their distinct woodwork is the philosophy endeavoured to every Cosmi client. Making an exclusive and collectable piece in the making.

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