Distinct Elegance – Sauer SL5 Limited

It’s not a common sight that on a daily basis you’ll encounter a limited Sauer SL5, either in a collection or during a hunting activity. That is because of its limited distinct production.

Looking back to 2017, Isny based company Sauer, debuted their first semi-automatic shotgun, the Sauer SL5. A distinct flagship of elegance with its distinct ergonomic and reliable design. “Instinctive speed, timeless elegance” is the motto of Sauer’s new SL5 semi-auto shotgun. The goal was nothing less than the ultimate combination of relentless reliability, perfect ergonomics and an elegant appearance. All of this was possible to achieve in cooperation with some of the best-known semi-auto shotgun makers. Sauer initialised cooperation with the Italian gun maker Breda, who the latter perfected the legendary inertia reloading system with its inventor Mr. Bruno Civolani.

Sauer engineers have designed the perfect balance around this well proven system. Sauer have simply called it “perfect shootability”.

Back in 2019, Sauer launched during one of the most important trade expo’s in Nuremberg the IWA OutdoorClassics, a limited edition of just 100 examples were inaugurated. With its magnificent grade 8 wood, and a spectacular combination of wildfowl engraving on its breech, the Sauer SL5 Limited is a must have for any enthusiast shotgun collector.