Dog Days in the Hebrides – An overview of an awesome visual

At Scotland’s Western isles or better known as the Outer Hebrides, the isle of Lewis and Harris are unique, having miles of unspoilt beaches and surrounded by natural beauty. Habitat for the magnificent and remarkable wildlife found there. The Outer Hebrides are anonymous for experiencing an unforgettable sporting break, if its either fishing, stalking or even shooting.

Russell Hird of RJH Sports, is resident to the Isle of Lewis, whom is a gun dog enthusiast, offering various sporting breaks, either shooting Red Grouse and Woodcock over ponting dogs, stalking the majestic Red Deer over the magnificent mountainous surroundings, or fishing for Salmon, Sea trout or Brown Trout. A perfect place, where one can dare to complete the MacNab Challenge, deriving from the romantic novel of John Buchan, John MacNab written in 1925.

Russell along with local film production company, Hebridean Films got an idea, that they would film the gun-dogs experience in the Hebrides. ‘Dog Days in the Hebrides’ is the result, of four months filming during the Grouse shooting season. In one of Britain’s most remote and wild places, pursuing a truly magnificent wild bird.

The Red Grouse, is one of the most respected and challenging game birds in the World and is found only in the unique parts of habitat offered by Britain, The Red Grouse makes its home amongst the moors and mountains were Heather flourishes. A dedicated and sustainable practice, shooting grouse over pointing dogs. You can now enjoy the remarkable experience, at the comfort of your home. If you are interested in buying this awesome DVD, please click on the following link ‘Dog Days in the Hebrides’