Elegance met excellence with the Browning B15

The greatest ever firearms inventor, the late John Moses Browning was born in 1855 whom is nowadays considered a legend with the firearm fraternity. At the age of 13 he manufactured his first firearm at his father’s gun shop and was awarded his first patent at the age of 24, his career ended having over 128 firearms patents accredited.

In 1931, the Browning B25 has been hand made in Belgium as the flagship of The John M Browning Collection. The gunsmiths of the National Fabrique at Herstal continued the vision of having customised firearms according to the specifications of their clients around the World.

In 2015 as part of the John M Browning Collection, the B15 Beauchamp 12 gauge was unveiled, a shotgun that all Browning aficionados have been waiting for nearly ninety years fro the ground breaking debut of the B25. The B15 has been the eminent forerunner of the B25 and has been carefully developed and perfected by the same world class gunsmith’s at FN Herstal.

In 2018, the B15 was availed also in 20 gauge. Different engravings than its 12 gauge brother, but still carrying the same DNA of the different engraving hunting scenes. The B15 Beauchamp 20M has carries the true philosophy of the other John M Browning Collection sophistication. We believe that some pictures speak louder than words, and that is why we will leave it up to you to admire the B15’s 20M beauty!