Experiencing the Swedish Lapland.. Hunting Moose

It is the autumn’s first moose hunt’s morning with that special mood. A mixture of expectations and dreams feels tangible to us. The fog is still dense when the guests sneak out to their hunting places and contours from rock boulders and rock rolls boost the imagination. But for one of the guests, it turns out to be more than the imagination popping up. When the fog temporarily lights, he can find that the mysterious contour is really a moose head. “There is a nice moose lying several meters away from my hunting place,” he whispers in the radio.

Most people probably expect a shot from his rifle to break the silence immediately, but there is never a good chance when the moose rises a few minutes later. “We take it with the dogs,” I say while giving Robin the go-ahead to get started. Texas, the hunting dog, is making full speed when he is released free of Robin. When the dog returns after the first search, Robin also begins to advance into the forest.

Regularly, the dog shows to Robin, which makes it easier for Robin to get Texas to search for those areas that are usually hot. Suddenly, the pattern changes, time passes and no dog appears. Texas always keeps good contact until he finds moose. If a search trip begins to go out on time, you can almost certainly say there are moose going on. Robin takes a look at the GPS. It seems that the dog found something that caught his interest. After a while, it moves deeper into the woods. “I think Texas has found a moose” wondering Robin through his hunting radio. There will be reports from our hunting guests about the dog barking. Can the dense fog dampen the sound? It is best to hook up so that we do not lose contact with the dog. At a fast pace, we set speed in the dog’s direction and it will take a while before we get in touch with Texas. Only when Robin decides to end a smaller mountain will we reach the beautiful sound of the dog. It seems that the moose moves in our direction. Very well, the dog`s will begin to grow in strength, and we will soon have Texas. But there is never a situation for Robin or the guest to shoot. The elk sets the speed, closely followed by the dog.

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