Fausti’s 70 years of Endeavour

Synonym Italian gun making family, Fausti, celebrates their 70th year anniversary.

Fausti 70th Anniversary

With 70 years of endeavour, the name FAUSTI has become synonym in the World of fine Shotguns. In 1948, short after World War Two has ended, Chev. Stefano Fausti founded Fausti Stefano srl in Marcheno, Italy, where it is also known as the ‘valley of gunmakers’. Today FAUSTI is managed by Giovanna, Barbara and Elena daughters of Chev. Stefano Fausti.

Barbara, Elena & Giovanna Fausti

Over the years the company have seen substantial changes, and the brand has become synonym to the world of firearms enthusiasts. As the international demand was increasing, in 2009 Fausti opened their office in Virginia, USA and with another office located in Texas. Later in 2016 Fausti expanded their portfolio in the United Kingdom as Fausti UK.

Fausti Watch 70th Anniversary

As part of their anniversary celebrations, above the splendid lake of Iseo, Fausti presented a short visual presenting their history and progress that the company have seen throughout the years to close friends, collaborators and journalists whom were cordially invited to celebrate the 70th anniversary. The presentation was emotional, for sure seeing how Fausti’s over the years have overcome challenges of presenting one of the best shotguns crafted with the ‘Made in Italy’ characteristics of being elegant and distinct.

Fausti 70th Anniversary

Fausti excitingly presented two examples of shotguns which have been beautifully crafted with much attention to detail. Respectively Fausti are producing, a limited-edition of 70 fine Italian double barrelled examples of over and unders’ and side-by-sides respectively. To complement their anniversary commemoration, 70 examples of fine watches are also to be produced in collaboration with renowned watch maker Paul Picot.

Just after the emotional visual presentation, one of the largest Fair organisations in Italy, Caccia Village have presented a token of ‘Opera Venandi’, which is a prestigious honour to receive such a recognition.