Fiocchi excellence continues…

World renowned Italian ammunition manufacturer, FIOCCHI, is world wide famous for making the best-in-class ammunition for hunting and sport shooting disciplines. Intensive research in the field from dedicated experts, had developed the best quality cartridges’, with extraordinary performance. Doesn’t matter what game your into or what you hunt, Fiocchi took care to offer a superb shooting experience and incomparable results.

Fiocchi has developed their Excellence Line, with dedicated loads for Woodcock (in 12 and 20 Ga.) 38 and 28 grams respectively, Pheasant in 36 grams, Woodpigeon in 37 grams, Duck in 40 grams and Steel Slug loads in 31.5 grams.

This Specific line was conceived to obtain with each single cartridge the maximum results focusing on the characteristics of the animal intended to and taking in consideration a common hunting habitat condition.