Fiocchi – more than 140 years of passion and excellence

Fiocchi began in 1876 when founder Giulio Fiocchi starts to develop a business soon to become a reference point in the Italian market for ammunition of all types and calibers.

Some tactical decisions in the weapons segment were gradually abandoned in order to favor a consistent strategy entirely focused on Fiocchi’s core business: production of ammunition and direct tending of the technical aspects of its machines, to constantly improve their production cycles, performance and solutions. This in parallel with the continually evolving needs of diversified consumers, including hunters, sports people with a passion for target shooting and clay pigeon shooting, national defense and for special military applications.

Fiocchi has produced all types of ammunition for handheld firearms; from pinfire shot shells for guns with smoothbore barrels to pinfire metal cartridges for rifled barrels (both in the 1920s) and shot shells and cartridges of all types, both centerfire and rimfire.

Today Fiocchi is a world leader in the small caliber ammunition segment, with a range of products able to satisfy all shooter and hunter needs. The quality level achieved is proven by the numerous and prestigious awards and the sporting successes (national, world and Olympic titles) of athletes who use Fiocchi cartridges and bullets in all shooting disciplines: from trap, double trap, skeet shooting and biathlon to precision shooting and so on.

Fiocchi is a privately-owned company, run with the same passion and creativity as in the past, by the fourth generation of a family of entrepreneurs. For over 140 years, as a leading player, this family has written the history of ammunition (in Italy and worldwide) and made constant investments in new technologies, not only to keep abreast of the times but also to seek solutions appropriate with the need for increasing respect for the environment.

Scrupulous controls of every single article in all its production stages, and the attention afforded by the commercial departments during the entire cycle of every order, are the fundamental aspects of the “Fiocchi” model and its key reasons for success. Indeed, only in this way does every cartridge and projectile leave the factory for all practical purposes “perfect” and reach its destination in the time and manner provided for in each supply specification.

Together with its products, it passes on to them its values of quality, reliability and prestige which are the valuable assets that will allow Fiocchi to continue to write the history of ammunition as a leading actor, with that same energy and enthusiasm as always.
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