FORTIS 6 – A new benchmark for the 6x class by Leica


The Sports Optics company located in Wetzlar – Germany, has launched its new FORTIS optic. Debuting in Europe’s most important expo for the trade sector, the IWA OutdoorClassics 2019 in Nuremberg.

Setting a benchmark within the 6x class, the FORTIS 6 sets a new standard to German optics engineering. With its High level optical performance, which has been always a highlight by Leica, not just within the hunting industry but also within the photographic sector.


The FORTIS 6, has got a larger exit pupil, and an extremely wide field of view at a minimum magnification. Its unique image sharpness quality, ensures a dawn or dusk light conditions with such comfort in the field. At 100m the Leica FORTIS 6, achieves an absolute incredible field of view of 43.4m at 100m.

The FORTIS 6 is available in 1-6×24, and in 2-12x50i. Both models are constructed in a rugged resistant body, resistant to shock and attain functioning reliability in hunting situations. With a superior approximate of 92% light transmission, and an auto power-on/power-off feature, for its clear illuminated reticle.