Gent’s detail with a different touch

Looking for a different and classy gift? London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has released two incredible sets of cufflinks, made from spent Hornady ammunition cases in .275 and .416 Rigby chamberings.

The cufflinks were made by Debbie Thomas, wife of Rigby’s rifle regulator Keith Thomas. She recycled the same brass cases from the ammunition her husband uses on the range whilst regulating rifles.

If you’re attending a formal dinner or a special occasion, these cufflinks will certainly offer that personal finishing touch, an item to be admired by those who notice details.

Andrew Ambrose, Rigby’s head of sales, commented: “These brass cufflinks are a beautiful new addition to our online shop, the Rigby Shikar Store. For those looking for a subtle yet classy addition to an outfit, I would recommend the .275 Rigby cufflinks but if your aim is for the wow factor, always go for the impressive large calibre .416 Rigby alternative”.

For more info log into the Rigby Shikar Store website