Hornady’s highlights for 2020

We take a look at the 2020 highlights of the American world-class ammunition manufacturer Hornady.

Hornady Outfitter

For the European market we see an amazing introduction to the Outfitter line, which was initially introduced last year in 2019. New calibers now extend to 257 Weatherby 90 gr GMX, 300 Weatherby Magnum 180 gr GMX, 300 Remington Ultra Magnum 180 gr GMX and 338 Win. Mag. with the brand new 225 gr GMX. The Outfitter ammo features GMX bullets and watertight sealed nickel plated cases. All GMX bullets are also available as reloading components.

Hornady Precision Hunter

One of the most popular ammunition line from Hornady is the Precision Hunter, which we now see an additional lighter bullet to the .300 Win Mag with a 178gr ELD-X hunting bullet.

Further ammunition extensions are; FRONTIER: 223 Rem. 55 gr FMJ and HP Match, 6,5 Grendel 123 gr FMJ and 300 Blackout 125 gr FMJ, CUSTOM: 350 Legend 165 gr FTX, BLACK: 5,45×39 60 gr V-Max, LEVEREVOLUTION: 7-30 Waters 120 gr FTX and SUPERFORMANCE: 6mm Creedmoor 90 gr GMX.

Hornady Auto Charge Pro

For the reloading community, one of Hornady’s highlights is the remarkable customizable powder dispensing unit the Auto Charge Pro, which provides precise, customizable powder dispensing in an easy-to-use, space-saving unit. Precise to within 0.1 grain, the Auto Charge Pro offers customizable trickle speeds for various powder types, as well as custom time settings. Store settings for up to four custom loads or use the factory setting. The backlit touch screen is easy to read, while a large knob on the side simplifies powder emptying.

Hornady Multi Purpose Measurement Tool

Another reloading tool from Hornady is the Multi-Purpose Measurement Tool, which allows the reloader to sort components per size and quality by comparing bullet ogive location, cartridge base to ogive location, headspace location and overall case length. Measure bullet runout for true cartridge case concentricity, and identify inconsistencies such as case and bullet dents. Base weighs nearly 8 pounds and has leveling feet for stability. Tool includes five headspace bushings, seven bullet comparators and accessory mount.

Hornady A-Tip Match Bullets

The revolutionary PRL match champion bullet, the Hornady A-TIP Match sees an extension to a broader range; 22 CAL. .224”/90 gr. 7mm .284” 166 and 190 gr., 30 CAL. .308” 176 gr., 338 CAL .338”/300 gr. 375 CAL. .375”/390 gr and 416 CAL. .416”/500 gr.