Hungarian hunting traditions in the National List of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

Great achievement by the Hungarian hunting association to have traditional hunting practices included on their national list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, as inscribed by UNESCO.

Following a submission by the Hunting Cultural Association, and a proposal by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Expert Committee of the Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO, Hungarian hunting traditions were admitted to the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The official ceremony was held in Parliament’s Hunting Hall, where Tuzson Bence, Secretary of State for Public Service of the Prime Minister, and Péter Fekete, Secretary of State for Culture handed over the certificate to Csaba Oláh, Chairman of the Hunting Cultural Association. Beatrix Beatrix Bán, Vice President of the Hunting Cultural Association and Péter Bajdik, Secretary General of the Hungarian National Hunting Chamber were also present at the occasion.

The compilation of the proposal started in September 2017, and it was amended and refined over the course of the year, before eventually being brought to the expert committee. The statement text was formulated by Beatrix Bán, the photographic material produced by Polster Gabriella, and the related presentation made by Pál Halmi Pál. The work was supported by Sándor Békés and Gabriella Bíró.

“This recognition is not only for the Hunting Cultural Association, but the entire Hungarian hunting society. Preserving the legacy is both a serious responsibility and task. We look forward to being able to meet the obligations that we owe to you and we thank everyone for helping the Association achieve this success!”- stated Beatrix Bán, Vice President of the Hunting Cultural Association.