Hunters renounce €300k funds to battle COVID-19

News which unfortunately is not mentioned during these difficult times. Hunting communities renouncing their allocated funds to the emergency services.

The hunters of the Veneto region, have responsibly decided to dismiss the regional funds that were allocated for their hunting and conservation related projects to the emergency health services. The health emergency services has requested on a National level to “value every possible form of collective funds to the emergency service measure.

In response to this call, the hunters of the Veneto region have decided to renounce the regional funds allocated for 2020 that amount to the sum of € 300,000.

Instead of funding hunting associated projects, the funds will go to the Covid-19 treatment.

A joint letter was sent to the regional council from; Confavi, Eps, Arcicaccia, Libera Caccia, Enalcaccia, Anuu Migratoristi, Federcaccia and Italcaccia.