Hunters Video acquired by Outdoor Sportsman Group

The World’s largest video-on-demand service, owned by Outdoor Sportsman Group, which includes three leading multichannel networks: Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network, recently acquired European known video production Hunters Video. Hunters Video was the first European subscription-based, video-on-demand streaming service devoted to hunting, fishing and shooting. Hunters Video owned also the popular Wild Boar Fever series.

As part of the deal, Outdoor Sportsman Group secured an original production agreement with veteran producer and founder of Hunters Video Poul Erik Madsen and co-owner Franz Albrecht Oettingen-Spielberg to appear in future productions.

“Outdoor Sportsman Group is delighted to have acquired the most popular and extensive library of European hunting, fishing and shooting content” Outdoor Sportsman Group President and CEO, Jim Liberatore said “MOTV will continue to acquire exclusive content and produce original content for our growing customer base throughout the world,” Liberatore continued. “We will focus on creating unique global and North American opportunities for our sponsors and advertising partners. We will be sharing hunting styles and genres, and unifying the passions of outdoorsmen and women across the globe.”

Co-owner of Hunters Video Channel Franz Albrecht Ottiengen-Speilberg, said: “Becoming part of Outdoor Sportsman Group, and continuing to work closely with them is a privilege and a great opportunity. Offering MOTV subscribers the very best hunting content from the EU, in addition to MOTV’s growing and exclusive content library is a real game-changer in the outdoor space. The opportunity to continue creating quality content for a global audience on MOTV is a very exciting prospect.”