Hunting in the Alps – Maurizio Ferrario shares with us his adventurous experience.

Italian passionate hunting enthusiast Maurizio Ferrario shares with us his adventurous experience, hunting in the Alps always accompanied with his English Setters. He hunts altitudes of over 2800 metres in the Alpine region with temperatures going down as low as six degrees centigrade.

Maurizio Ferrario Alpine hunting

I would like to start with a little introduction about myself. My name is Maurizio Ferrario I am 42 years old and have been practicing hunting in the Mountains with English Setters for the last 23 years. 

I was asked by to explain in brief why I like this kind of hunting practice. In my opinion hunting in the Alps is one of the most demanding, tiring and selective practices that there is. In the Alps as for game birds you can hunt Black Grouse, Ptarmigan and Rock Partridge. We start hunting early in the morning and throughout the day walking kilometers up and down the steep gullies, on sharp rocky grounds that wear down your boots and the paws of our loved four-legged companions. 

The climate is not always favorable: rain, wind, snow and extreme cold are a some of the element you will be facing while hunting the Alps. 

Maurizio Ferrario Alpine Hunting – Ptarmigans

A good number of hunters try to immerse them selves in this adventurous experience but very few resist, the yield to bag good game numbers is scarce. You are most likely to find game (example Rock Partridge, which is my favorite of all) in the evening while the sun is setting, thus birds start relocating themselves back on the higher ground, and eventually at this time of the day you will be very tired and looking forward to going back home.  

However one must visualize also the other side of the coin; when you go up at high altitude with your faithful friend on the leash, and reach the most beautiful, unique and breathtaking scenery, it is at that point that fatigue fades and leaves room for a sense of freedom and fulfillment that one cannot explain.  

One of the reasons that drives me to practice this noble art (and i believe that also drives all of those who practice it) is the love for English Setter’s, which for sure in respect for the kind of game we pursue is a superb breed. The characteristics I search for in dogs are; great mentality (resourcefulness to go to long distances to recover the game), solid point (sometimes it takes you some time to reach from the point you are located to point where the dogs are pointing) and lots of stamina for the dog to be able to work throughout the whole day and not get tired after a couple of hours.

Maurizio Ferrario Alpine Hunting – Black Grouse and Ptarmigan

The second reason why I chose to practice Alpine hunting is being able to hunt these magnificent game birds, one of a kind species, shrewd and clever, able to draw all their defenses to avoid the dog’s and the hunter, so much so that before the moment luck turns to our side and we recover a game bird, we spend days and days walking for kilometers. But at last when this happens you feel a great sense of fulfillment. 

The most important thing in hunting in my opinion (I am sure others think the same way), is not the quantity of birds you have baged at the end of the day, but the quality and results of your gun dog’s work working as a medium between nature and yourself. I do believe that these results, engraves memories and unforgetable experiences.

Maurizio proudly uses BS Planet GPS technology 

Maurizio Ferrario Alpine Hunting – His truly beloved hunting companions