Hunting – To gain satisfaction, one must work hard to earn it

Aleksejs Vankov, Latvian hunter and writer shares with us the true sense of 'hunt' and the satisfaction one earns after much preperation and sagrifice.

Working hard towards the goals you set…


Working hard is part of our nature, by “our” I mean hunters, anglers and outdoor lovers.

There is no such thing like an easy day out in the woods or on the river. We are always pushing for higher mountains, thicker forests, faster rivers, and dipper lakes. We are not doing this because we are after a more magnificent trophy or we want to prove something to someone, NO… The willingness to push your body, your skills and your knowledge to the limits comes from inside of us, comes from such deep places that we didn’t even know that these places exist. Our determination and hard work reflect in everything we do, if you look at any part of our life starting from childhood, then you will see a thing which we were doing much better than anyone around us. You almost can say that the blood of “homo erectus” and then “homo sapiens” is running through our veins, as they were the beginning of US, they were the first men who proved that if you work hard – you will succeed and the proof of this is us, humanity.

Getting on with our jobs we are going through the days and weeks until the weekend comes and unleashes us into the woods, where we can be ourselves, be what we are and not worry about small things like calls, emails and other days to day routines. Picking your hunting buddy in the early hours of the morning, before the sun lights up the horizon is priceless and hard work on its own, as he probably overslept and now you need to give him a hand to get the stuff out and load into the car. As we all know, spending time with people who are shearing the same passion to what you do is a great gift, and these people usually turned out to be the closest friends you will ever have.


Driving through the dark of the night towards the sunrise, walking into the sleeping forest or looking on to the smooth mirror of the lake in the morning, gives you the strength to overcome the hardest situations life throws at you. When the cold air touches your face, when the smell of the wet moss and tree bark is slowly traveling through your nose, when you set your phone into the silent mode you realize that you are free, free like every living creature around you. People like us never need much to be happy, we can appreciate the tiny thing for what they are, and these things will mean to us a lot more than they would expect to others.

All the things above charge us up for a journey ahead, as we are packing the rucksack and working out the ways to get to the destination, as we are loading the ammo into the mag or attaching the “fly” on to the line, we are pumped with the adrenaline and buzzing from the excitement. The beginning is always easy when the problematic bit is still at the end, the tricky bit is when you fighting that fish on the end of your line, is when you can’t make the decision on the shot you about to take, the tricky bit is when that fish you were fighting comes off and that shot you should’ve taken didn’t happen. This is when your exact determination and passion comes out, this is when hard work begins when you continue to cast and when you continue to stalk when you are going deeper and deeper into the woods, higher and higher into the mountains, and lower and lower down the stream, … You keep going until you get the second chance to have it your way, the way it meant to happen the way you will make it happen. There are no limits on human imagination and your mind going a hundred miles per hour at this very moment, but you need to focus, you need to concentrate on delivering the result you are after. The pressure drains you out by the seconds and nerves start giving way, the pulse is increasing, and you can feel it in your head, you can’t hear much or see anything but your target or the end your rod. Then as quick as it started its comes to an end, you can feel that fish is giving up and it starts to get more comfortable, the shot is made, and the bullet report reaches your ears, you relaxed and the pressure letting you breathe again, the hart still pumping like crazy but you know that it is done. The net goes into the water, and the fish glides in, you are kneeling in front of the animal while feeling its coat texture.


You are quietly praying inside; you are thanking God for the opportunity to experience this fantastic adventure. You are humbled, you are thankful, and you are proud. You make your way back to the car in silence,while still thanking the God.


We are all hard-working people at the day job and after, and there is nothing I could wish more for my son in his life than to be as free as all of us and this is the biggest goal of them all.