Instinctive Speed by the SAUER SL5

Who hasn’t wished for a semi-auto after firing two shots and birds are coming in? The new SAUER SL5 is all about “Instinctive Speed, Timeless Elegance”. When our journalist was invited in Germany by SAUER, we were thinking of a bolt-action rifle or possibly another over and under launch! But it was something completely different. A semi-automatic shotgun which perfectly combines efficiency, ergonomic perfection and an elegant look.

All this was achieved together with Italian gun maker Breda, who had perfected the reliable proven inertia system by Inventor Bruno Civolani. At first glance, the SAUER SL5 has got something completely different than other semi-auto shotguns. The design is somewhat distinct. The semi-beavertail chequered fore end was the first feature that got us engaged to this shotgun. The stock and for-end wood grain are laser lined, which acts as a natural blended camouflage in the field.

The barrel is hard chrome bored, and together with the frame, both are satin nickel coated. Which ensures no glossy elements, and a tougher coating for wetland and humid areas. The excitement was all over the shooting range, as we like others were looking forward to pull the trigger!

Different hunting situation simulations were set-up; most situations were in a manner when you would shoot 3 shots and must reload fast for more incoming clays – with a decoy approach situation.

Our initial understanding of the SAUER SL5, was that it is perfectly balanced. Making the gun mount fast and pointable to target engagement. After intense shooting situations, we were impressed with the low-recoil percentage that was driven from the SL5 – it was noted by both men and female shooters being present at the event! Fast and safe reloading is of utmost importance for a successful outing when you are in small confined areas as a goose blind or wood pigeon decoying, one will keep on reloading instinctively fast while keeping the preloading procedure safe.

The SL5 is adapted also with the SAUER Ergofit Inlay system, which helps you combine different adjustments of drop and cast off for left and right shooters. Whom efficiently one left-hand shooter had a perfect gun-fit with just one simple adjustment.

The weight for a 70cm barrel SL5 is no more than 3kg – which for sure was our surprise still having a low-recoil firearm in respect to its weight.

The SAUER SL5 comes in 70 and 76cm 12 gauge with 5 interchangeable choke tube barrels, and are chambered in 3inch magnum steel shot proven.

The attractive MSRP of the Sauer SL5 is that of €1,795