Is this the ultimate bipod?

There are many bipods on the market today, from general purpose bipods, heavyweight precision bipods, lightweight bipods and ultra lightweight bipods which is the category the Spartan falls into. The Spartan Javelin is an ultra lightweight bipod yet made from some of the most robust and durable materials known to man, which is just one thing that makes this bipod a cut above the rest! They have made the ultimate bipod with the user in mind, and that why the weight alone is a massive selling point.

Because keeping weight to a minimum on any hunting trip, whether it be on flat fields and woodland deer stalking, the extreme terrain of mountains or stalking rabbits, any weight added to a rifle is a sore subject but not with the Spartan. And that’s where my love for this bipod began. It’s able to be attached/detached in the blink of an eye thanks to the revolutionary design of the magnetic attachment also known as the universal adapter.

This is pre-fitted to the underside of the rifle stock and screwed into the same hole used for the sling stud. Once fitted fear not! Because they’ve even thought about the fact you’ll no longer have the stud for a sling so they added that to the adapter also!

Most bipods are ‘fixed’ bipods, meaning they stay mounted to the stock through the sling stud and can only be removed with a bit of fiddling about with the attachment.

And not only is that quite a slow process, they are usually big and bulky and a fairly weighty object that can cause the rifle to feel unbalanced if Shooting while standing and also a constant dig in the back while shouldering the rifle on your sling.

You don’t get that with the Javelin, as the simple fact is you mount it when you need it, and quickly too! Because as soon as you offer the bipod to the adapter the magnetic field takes over and hey presto it’s in place.

Simply flick the leg out adjust legs to the required height and you’re ready to go!


  • Magnetic adapter for quick & easy mounting
  • Durable rubber feet
  • Tungsten pointed studs (under rubber caps/feet ideal for use on slippery banks/Ivey surfaces.
  • Adjustable cant with locking
  • leaver
  • Adjustable legs: from 7.5inch – 11.5inches
  • Ample swivel

The bipod has plenty of cant and can be locked up by turning the locking lever on the front of the bipod, the amount of swivel isn’t adjustable but if the bipod is facing the other way round (logo facing you) the bipod will lock and swivel is not possible. The swivel feature is nice and light so no added pressure is needed while adjusting point of aim, which also makes it light work if you’re aiming at moving quarry. Leg adjustment is also extremely well thought of by the guys and a simple twist and adjust method is used to extend the legs, by twisting anti clockwise to loosen and clockwise to tighten once at required height.

And although legs are a bit fiddly on some bipods, with the Javelin if you don’t get your height right then the cant feature helps level the scope out.

No spring powered legs kicking out on you when extended legs are needed.

When storing the bipod off the rifle the legs close together and are held together with another magnet placed hidden inside the casing of the bipod, and the same when legs are opened.

Open legs

Fully extended legs & tungsten studs

The guys at Spartan have worked extremely hard covering all corners with the design of this bipod, and include many sling stud replacement screws for all types of stud fixings.

Many different shaped rubber butt plates for all shapes of stocks from flat, to slightly curved to a very rounded for-ended stock, to ensure the nicest possible fit for the bipod to sit against the stock. And also for the dedicated users of the Javelin is also available is what’s known as the Gunsmith Adapter, which has to be recessed into the stock for a beautiful flush finish.

And to do so you will have to drill into the stock and then fit the adapter with an epoxy resin for a solid fit.

The fit and finish of the Javelin bipod is fantastic, from the ultra-lightweight materials to the carbon legs that are incredibly strong, durable and well made, To the highest level of Manufacturing Standards. And after speaking with the guys at Spartan they have tried and tested these in all weather conditions, extreme terrain and even driven a truck over them to test just how strong they are! Now that’s testing!

Final thought

The Spartan javelin bipod is an absolute gem!

When it comes to finding a great piece of equipment whether it be used for hunting or target Shooting.

And can be used in any scenario or on any rifle. Including rimfire, centre fire and air rifles, which I also love as the air rifles aren’t light in comparison to a rimfire rifle so I really enjoyed using it on my hw100 & Bsa r10 pcp rifles as they’re not the lightest of guns, so the little added weight the Javelin offered was just perfect!

I’ve used these in many different situations myself and they have been sublime in each and every time of need!