Krieghoff’s Victoria shotgun for her

The spirit of Artemis enchants within the hunting community. With a positive increase trend, women are getting more involved in fieldsports, than ever were over the past decade.

We are seeing more and more women who hunt, going public on social. Some women who would like to get involved in shooting, always ask or will be speculated about the weight that a firearm may have. Understandably when one considers most firearms standard dimension proportions, on average, would not-fit most women.

The name carrying more than 130 years of gun-making heritage, Krieghoff, worked closely with women in the field to design a sleek light-weight shotgun for ladies who enjoy shooting sports. After evaluating all the feedback and specifications needed, Krieghoff introduced the model Victoria, explicitly named for the Goddess of Victory. Krieghoff’s designers decided, not just to proportion dimensions but to escalate their design a step further. An exclusive chequering pattern complemented with an elegant scroll is crafted on Victoria’s adjustable comb stock and forearm.

The Victoria ensures a comfortable smooth-handled, light-weight and ergonomic over and under right out of the case. Distinctively elegant, Krieghoff designed a unique cream-colored exterior Negrini case, with accented tan leather.


The Krieghoff Victoria is available in 20 and 28 Gauge and in 30” parcours or 32” barrels respectively.

For more info, visit the Krieghoff K-20 dedicated page HERE.