Lamping Foxes – Management control

Creator and admin of Lamping Foxes, Eddie Nash, shares with us a brief note on how important it is to control foxes.

The hunt of the Fox in the UK is a job that should take place on a regular weekly basis due to the fox being the top predator here. Over the years I’ve gained a lot of permissions as a result in maintaining and controlling the numbers and problem foxes. It’s a challenge I take it very seriously, putting a lot of time into knowing the land inside and out.

The movement of the foxes on the stock farms (sheep) , chicken farms & private shooting estates also need to be monitored. There are many methods fellow hunters use these days to hunt the fox weather this be night or day you need to familiarise yourself with whichever hunting equipment suits you best. From lamping to night vision or thermal to electronic callers you need to choose your methods wisely. It’s never ending from lambing season to pheasant season you can be on constant call out.

Eddie Nash – Creator and Admin of Lamping Foxes

For a fox it does not discriminate, it will have a frenzy attack and will simply wipe out every chicken in that coup. For example, Just the other week I got a call out to deal with a problem fox on a private pheasant shoot. On arrival the keeper informed me of the situation were 60 poults had been attacked and killed by a single fox. This was not a hunt for its survival it was simply a frenzied attack.

After returning at dusk and carrying out the necessary checks to find the best shooting position, the culprit showed, returning to the scene of the crime and was dispatched humanely by a high powered calibre rifle. Every creature has it place in nature even the fox yet without controlling their numbers we run the risk of them having a huge negative impact on the UK wildlife.

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