Legendary Venetian Express from Fausti

The term Express in firearms derives from the beginning of the 19th century, indicating ammunition capable of higher than typical velocities. The first express cartridges used a charge of black powder to propel bullets at high-velocities. Later express ammunition was loaded with nitrocellulose based gun powder, leading to the Nitro Express cartridges. Traditional express rifles were break-action designs, either single or double barrelled rifles.

Presently the term express is still used, which is widespread adoption of small bore high-velocity cartridges. Double barrel rifles, either in over and under or side by side combination, with either single or double trigger mechanism systems.

The world known, Italian endeavour gun making family, FAUSTI, thanks to their craftsmanship and artistic mastermind creations, an over and under express rifle is presented to their boutique collection. The Venetian Express, which is dedicated to the 1700’s elegant and legendary atmosphere that was under the ruling of the Venetian Republic that the City of Brescia, which was already famous to produce fine firearms.

The Venetian Express is a new line of hunting over and under rifle, built on round box-lock action. The Express is available in the following calibres available are; 8x57JRS, 9,3x74R, .30R Blaser, .30-06, .444 Marlin and 45-70 US Government. As like any other FAUSTI boutique collection, all engraving is made by hand and signed by the master engraver who have been responsible for commissioning and producing the work-of-art.

Whether you are experiencing driven Wild Boar in Europe or experiencing the beautiful African plains, being accompanied by a Venetian Express, is truly defining elegance and sophistication status within the society.