Leica’s new optic for speed, precision and safety

On most driven hunts, one must act fast to identify the moving target, reassure of having a safe back drop and take the shot in a few seconds!

There for having a low magnification optic, to achieve a wide field of view is a must for most European driven hunts.

Optic authority, Leica, as part of their Sports Optics line have just launched the Tempus ASPH. Leica implemented a red dot sight with an aspherical optic, guaranteeing a crisper and brilliant image of an illuminated dot. regardless of the mounting angle of the rifle, one will be assured that the shot is placed precisely where the red dot is seen.

The Leica Tempus ASPH, is milled from one solid piece of aluminium making it compact, lightweight which makes this optic a rugged and robust one. The bright illuminated dot can be dimmed to 12 stages, depending to the light situation and unfavourable weather conditions.

Two models of the Tempus ASPH are available, varying the size of the illuminated dot itself; in 2.0MOA and 3.5MOA are available.