Lisa Taylor’s NiteSite experience

One of the most effective pest control systems for sure is during the night. Today’s technologies are more efficient which are effective for night time viewing. Whether it is night vision IR technology, Thermal technology or Digital technology surely is one of the best pest control tools used worldwide.

Lisa Taylor, who is the first female pro-staff of NiteSite shares some experiences with us, we have been seeing frequent posts of Lisa’s photos taken with the NiteSite system and for sure it was interesting for us to share.

Lisa owns a CZ 550 in .243 calibre, with an AGS Scope 4-16×56 with a Mil-Dot reticle. She uses a NiteSite Eagle Rtek system, which could see foxes in pure darkness to distances of around 350 yards (depending on weather conditions).

“The system is very easy to install” Lisa stated, that is because you zero the rifle with its normal daytime scope and then just attach the adapter to the zeroed scope.

A very interesting gadget with the NiteSite system is that at night time if you are accompanied by a companion, he/she can still visualise the night vision view on the screen, which for sure makes it more an interesting outing and emotional!

*regulations on shooting periods and systems diverse from one country to another, kindly check local authorities if such systems are authorised to be used in your country.