Living into the digital age – The Pace Brothers Podcast

HuntMag checks out the UK’s only podcast broadcast, an idea derived by Pace Productions. The means of getting an insight of the outdoor.

Presently we are living into the digital era age. Digital media has took by far other means of media in all sorts of sectors. The outdoor vision media, has also got more and more into the digital age. Various social media platforms are giving the possibility to have communication published by publishers, in visual and audio mediums.

From the UK, two brothers, Darryl and Byron Pace, have revolutionised the idea and introduced the only podcast tackling country, outdoor, fishing, hunting and wildlife management issues. An idea which in today’s era living in an agile environment, you can keep notified and adjourned on the go of your passionate recreational activity.

Pace Brothers – Into the Wilderness podcast is available on Soundcloud, Youtube, Itunes and Stitcher for free.