MAUSER’s 2020 rifles for the field and woodland.

During one of Europe’s largest B2C exhibitions; at the Jagd und Hund in Dortmund, the German renowned brand MAUSER launched two new models to their line-up.

The MAUSER 18 FELDJAGD – A dedicated rifle to the hunter preferably stalking in open fields, where longer shots are intended to be taken in open areas. With an adjustable cheekpiece on its ergonomic polymer stock, ensuring a better head position whilst in prone position or on sticks, the hunter can comfortably take longer distant shots. Thanks to its 56cm cold-forged barrel, with a fluted barrel concept it helps lowering temperatures quickly whilst in operation and limiting the weight to 3.160kg. The new MAUSER is also equipped with a M17x1 thread for a suppressor or muzzle break depending to the end-users application.

The MAUSER 18 FELDJAGD are available in the respective calibers: .223 Rem. / .243 Win. / .270 Win. / .308 Win. / .30-06 Spring. / 6,5×55 SE / 6,5 CRD / 8×57 IS / 9,3×62 / 6.5 PRC / 7mm Rem. Mag. / .300 Win. Mag.

Mauser 18 Waldjagd

Another product from MAUSER is the MAUSER 18 WALDJAGD, a rifle as its name addresses, is dedicated to the hunter pursuing animals in woodlands and forests. A short-compact rifle, versatile for driven hunts and stalks intended to conclude shots at short distances, were fast mount and target acquisition is constantly needed. With just an overall length of 110cm compromising of a 51cm barrel, and weighing not more than 3.100kg. Its polymer ergonomic stock ensures a practical rifle package for the versatile shooter.

The MAUSER 18 WALDJAGD comes in the following calibers: .223 Rem. / .243 Win. / .270 Win. / .308 Win. / .30-06 Spring. / 6,5×55 SE / 6,5 CRD / 8×57 IS / 9,3×62