New ULTIMATE ergonomic stock for the Blaser R8

For a long time it has been requested by hunters, to have an adjustable stock comb for the Blaser’s modular R8 rifle. Isny based designers were considering the requests, and the designs were underway, the final versatile product is launched for the first quarter of 2019 and is surely going to be admired.

All 7 million hunters across Europe have different needs, that is having a perfect rifle fit is crucial, especially when needing to engage target fast. Taking a shot, whilst being uncomfortable to the rifle, increases the chance of a miss.

Blaser R8 Ultimate Stock

The Blaser R8 ULTIMATE is the rifle, which has set standard in functionality and design. Its two-piece thumbhole stock ensures a completely comfortable shooting position, and optimal rifle control when shooting. The new modular stock option, allows the customer to tailor the stock adjustments to fits the individual needs.

A multi-level adjustable comb can be adjusted without any tools, with a memory function, a perfect mounting fit is ensured in every situation. A must for different body proportions and optic fitments.

A recoil absorption system is also a new feature in the recoil pad. With different hardness and density elements, one can accommodate a noticeably reduced recoil. The same recoil pad is also adjustable, this avails the possibility to adjust length, height and pitch of the recoil pad.

The NEW BLASER R8 ULTIMATE is also available in a SILENCE version, with a silenced-barrel fit insert.