Purdey’s all new bolt-action rifle

London gun maker James Purdey & Sons brings a level of accuracy not previously found in ‘Best London Guns’ with its new bolt action rifle. This is due to a titanium chassis running from the pistol grip through to the fore end which supports a free floating barrel.

The ‘Purdey Chassis System’ runs the full length of the stock and gives a level of stability unseen in Best Quality rifles in the past. As a result, the stock is prevented from moving as atmospheric conditions and moisture levels change. This major advance has allowed Purdey to incorporate a free-floating barrel into the design, allowing consistent barrel harmonics, another key prerequisite to rifle accuracy.

The rifle is designed to have swing-off mounts and scope rings and can have the barrel alternatively threaded for a moderator if the customer wishes.

The Purdey rifle also boasts an adjustable 2 ½ pounds trigger, and this enables it to deliver a crisp break with no creep.

The strength of the rifle is emphasized in the innovation of the PURDEY CHASSIS SYSTEM. The rifle is made from pure titanium, one of the most durable metals available.

Despite its uniqueness and specificity of design, the Bolt-action rifle is available in every standard Chambering. It is available also for most wildcat Chamberings. There are over 200 reamers that are confirmed to meet demands for the modern market of bolt-action rifles.

When it comes to long-distance rifles the most critical factor that people consider is the accuracy of the rifle. The efficiency comes from the titanium chassis which runs through from the pistol grip to the fore end which then acts as a support for the floating barrel. With a precision engineered double square-bridge controlled-feed action and barrel made and tested in the UK.

When tested for accuracy, the testers gushed about its classic controlled-feed action and traditional wooden stock combination with the hidden titanium chassis set within the wood. Many got as close as 2” at 300 yards and 3” at 600 yards.