Rigbys’ Highland Stalker – The iconic rifle to accompany your adventure

Undoubtedly every deer stalker, has on his wish list to cull a Red Stag up the enchanting surroundings of the Scottish Highlands.

Stunning countless views are witnessed by the very few ghillies and deer stalkers, whom not even long-distant hikers can experience. Gothic castles rest remotely, looking over lochs within the glen. The highlands’ surroundings emerge a romance on their own, whilst being the secured habitat for the magnificent Grouse, Salmon and Red deer. Taking there three species would mean taking up the MacNab challenge, which derived from the romantic novel by John Buchan, ‘John MacNab’

The roar during the Rutting season, which echoes the tranquillity and silence profused over the moors, emotionally gets a stalkers hearth beating. The surroundings make it challenging to any stalker, due to the vast open spaces, deer are observed at a long-distance.

The Scottish Highlands are said to be the birth place of deer stalking, back in the 17th century, ghillies (today referred as game keepers’ assistant) used to walk up the heather with their hill pony and for management purposes after culling a Red deer, they would secure it on the pony and carry back the carcass to the larder.

Today, this kind of practice, fortunately is still practiced, having a ghillie accompanying a stalker, securing a shot, and have the beast carried back to the lodge.

To make your adventurous experience more remarkable, London based John Rigby & Co after their colossal response of last years’ commemorative Jim Corbett rifle. Rigby has realised the demand of classical rifles in small calibres, as used by British iconic adventurous such as Karamojo Bell and Jim Corbett.

The Highland Stalker is a vintage looking rifle, dedicated to the Scottish Highlands, as was also launched by the sound of the bag pipes accompanied by single-malt scotch whisky at the 2017 IWA OutdoorClassics. A true rifle for the adventurous gentleman, available in .308, .30-06, 8×57, 9.3×62 and the well-known .275 Rigby. Various upgrades and a ladies’ version is also available. Action built over the original historic partner Mauser, complementing with grade 5 walnut hand-finished chequered stock as standard, and with iron sights carefully regulated for 65, 150, 250 yards.

For further information visit the dedicated Rigby Highland Stalker page.