Sauer’s innovation to keep you comfortable in extreme cold conditions

It was early in Winter, whom we have been invited to Hungary for a good driven wild boar drive, were farmers have continuous problems of wild boars going out to the arable fields from the forests and occur significant damage to the crops. We travelled to Austria and began our journey driving to the South-East region of Hungary. The winter cold temperature prioritized having essential technical clothing, especially whilst standing still in the forests for hours.

By the end of last year, I got a Sauer 404 Synchro XT with the new Ergo-Heat system in .30-06 caliber. Honestly, I was unsure whether the innovative method of having a heated stock would have been useful, as it has never been utilized by any other firearm manufacturer. But thinking about the idea, and by having experienced a good number of driven boar hunts across Europe, I started liking the idea. Having a revolutionary heated stock; ensuring a more sensitive factored safety cocking and a more controllable trigger pull. I adjusted the trigger pull weight to the heaviest one (1,250grams), as it would be the more comfortable and adapted trigger pull for moving targets. The night before the first drive, I charged the Ergo-Heat’s built-in battery system from the back-sling adapter.

After a sleepless night, full of excitement, we got some breakfast early in the morning, drawn our hide number and had our pre-drive briefing in respect to safety before driving to the respective forest. As driven boar hunts involve a right amount of beaters and dogs, and therefore no mistakes are tolerated.

Upon arrival to my first hide, I started getting adapted to the surroundings. The vegetation was dense, and the temperature was that of chilled 4 degrees centigrade. I marked some points (mostly tree barks) to address distance from hiding respectively. I then loaded the rifle and switched on the Ergo-Heat system through the small remote control. Feeling the trigger pull is the whole important aspect, and personally, I always felt uncomfortable shooting with gloves, as one will lose the feel of the trigger.

With my palm on the pistol grip, watchful to any movement and sound. After a couple of minutes, it started feeling comfortable and sensitive. We successfully shot a couple of boars, with much excitement and high-adrenaline that driven boars transpire. After 5 hours, stand still, the stock was still warm, and when I was taking my hand off the pistol grip after a couple of minutes I could easily understand the difference that the system makes to the hunter!

After an intense, exciting day, the team shot a total of 44 boars. We contributed all the shot game meat to the village community, beaters and organizers respectively.

The adventurous action-filled day, concluded in complete relaxation. Eating traditional Hungarian Wild Boar stew over some good wine, with great friends and hospitality while recounting the day’s stories that will indulge memories that will surely remain forever.