SAUER’s new 101 Highland XTC

Reaching the summit for any explorer is a sign of success. It is the same said for the new SAUER 101 Highland XTC; attaining peak performance for summiteers. At the light of Europe largest hunting show, the German oldest gun maker launched an innovative rifle to the S 101 line-up at the Jagd und Hund in Dortmund.

The rifle has got a hand-laid carbon fibre stock and an unrivalled high-tech barrel and receiver surface treatment.

The S 101 Highland XTC in .308 win, weighs just 2,455 grams. “We didn’t want to make the rifle any lighter, because in the end, balance and shooting comfort must also be in line with each other,” says Sauer’s CEO Matthias Klotz, explaining the inhibited urge for further records. “In addition, we invested in the surface finishing of barrel and receiver and brought a technology to series production that outshines everything else,” says the Sauer boss happily. “DLC” is the magic formula, which stands for “Diamond Like Carbon”. This involves bombarding the steel with carbon atoms in a high vacuum under plasma, so that the released energy causes the carbon to change into a hard, diamond-like phase. “The layer is 40 times thinner than a human hair but in practice it offers four big advantages: maximum rust protection, maximum wear resistance, impressive surface hardness and an extremely valuable surface feel,” Klotz explains the tangible benefits.

The new SAUER 101 Highland XTC will be available mid-March in the following calibers;

.243 Win / 6,5×55 SE / .270 Win / 7×64 / .308 Win / .30-06 Spring / 8x57IS / 9,3×62, 7mm Rem. Mag. / .300 Win. Mag.

The Suggested Retail Price in Germany is of €3.995