See in the dark… Zeiss DTI 3/35

Zeiss DTI 3/35

Hunting in darkness is a unique challenge: your vital sense of sight is severely impaired and the risk of not being successful, or even making a wrong decision, is high. The night time and dusk play an important role for hunters, however, especially when it comes to hunting wild boars.

ZEISS developed a thermal imaging system, the ZEISS DTI 3/35. The ErgoControl operating concept so the use of the optics does not cause any distractions: With the intelligent positioning of the buttons, each function can be controlled intuitively. The perfectly shaped control elements can be identified quickly – even when wearing gloves.

Nature behaves very differently in the dark than in the daylight. This means you can observe fascinating moments that are so unique, you want to save them and share them with others. Using the ZEISS Hunting App, hunters can transfer data from the DTI 3/35 directly to a smartphone via WiFi and even live stream their nighttime hunting adventures.

The innovative design of the optics allows for one-handed operation. This is optimized for both left-handed and right-handed users. The ergonomic shape of the device enables a natural posture of the hand, with the fingertips resting directly on top of the controls. This favors long and fatigue-free observation.

The ZEISS DTI 2/35 will be available coming Fall 2020