Spartan success with their versatile and distinct shooting supports

Spartan came about from a collection of passionate people wanting to simplify shooting support systems using the latest materials available. They felt that there was a gap in the market, Frustrated that they could not buy what they needed, they decided to roll up their sleeves and get on with it themselves.

The first product to come out of the Spartan stable was the Javelin Bipod. This is a stupidly simple idea and very much aimed at the serious hunter. A lightweight carbon bipod that simply attaches to the rifle in a second and is straight back in the pocket when not needed, meaning no Bipod to get caught up and get in the way. Through customer feedback, the Javelin went through some minor changes but the simplicity and design has changed little.

The Javelin is only part of the story, Spartans don’t just shoot lying down. The next product and a very much bigger part of the story are the Sentinel. A shooting system that functions on 1, 2 or 3 legs, supporting shots from seated to standing. This unit weighs well under a kilo, supports your rifle, Spotting scope, camera, binoculars, converts to trekking poles and offers a host of other functions. A true “Game changer” for the serious shooters.

In summary, the Spartans have very much put how we use rifle supports systems on their head. The World patented systems attach using a magnet and offer flexibility that has just not been available up till now.

In less than 4 years Spartan has formed relations with some of the worlds top rifle manufacturers, making branded Bipods for the Likes of Blaser, Sauer, Weatherby, Leupold and Christensens Arms, to mention a few. These companies have never done anything like this before but quickly recognised that true advantages of Spartan innovative approach.

New customers are joining the Spartan clan every day and we are now working with Elite military and police units throughout the world.

The uptake has been impressive. In less than 4 years Spartan has become well known for producing quality gear that actually helps hunters achieve their goals.

Don’t take Spartans word for it, read the numerous outstanding reviews, by day to day users.