STEYR’s ‘All-Steel’ Monobloc rifle

Austrian firearms manufacturer Steyr Arms, has recently launched that they will avail an all-steel constructed hunting rifle. When we quote All-Steel, we are referring to a truly a masterpiece engineered firearm.

Steyr Arms came up with a concept, and named the respective rifle MONOBLOC. In engineering terms, a Monobloc is a ‘one piece’ construction from a billet material. The barrel and action housing is constructed from a single piece of steel. In theory ensuring a better accuracy, and built literally to be tough. The Steyr Monobloc is manufactured according to military-standards so reliability is definitely ensured.

Various ergonomic stocks designs are available, with various options that one can adapt to his or her application.

The Steyr Monobloc is initially available in .308win and .30-06 sprg, and later would be also offered in .270 win, 7×64, 8x57IS.