German brand Sauer has unveiled its new 404 Stutzen Select, a revolutionary rifle with the traditional look of the historic stutzen bolt-action but featuring the strength of the new Carbon Spine technology.

In the past, stutzen rifles were regarded as elegant and eye-catching, but unreliable when created solely from wood. After months of development, Sauer teamed this vintage bolt-action design with cutting-edge Carbon Spine technology creating an extremely strong skeleton made from carbon fibre for the elegant wooden stock to be housed upon. The only hint of carbon from the outside is an eye-catching touch at the fore end tip completing the stunning looks of the 404 Stutzen Select.

“Tests have proven just how strong our Carbon Spine technology is. Carbon is the perfect material for the stutzen as it stabilizes the fore-end to perfection,” says product manager Günther S. “We have eradicated the bad traits from this iconic rifle design by incorporating the most innovative technology on the market.”

With the help of the MUS (Sauer’s universal tool), which can be found housed inside the stock, one can change the fore-end anywhere, literally in seconds. This turns the normal Sauer 404 platform into a beautiful and classic stutzen but with all the strength and reliability of this modern Sauer. Laser graining the outer wood further underlines the elegance of this cutting edge version of the S404 which stays true to Sauer’s heritage of classic and stylish innovation.

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