The Beretta Premium experience

Lucas Micallef and Paul Whitelam experienced the Beretta premium experience in Brescia. Photos by Steve Thornton

Beretta Sporting Shotguns and factory in Brescia Italy.

Every country we attend to, we are entailed with an experience and its always our privilege to share with our readers.

A recent trip to Italy resulted in interesting days of enjoyment in Gardone Valle Trompia within Brescia. The area is synonym with firearms enthusiasts, due to being home of the most known and best gun makers in the World.

We visited the World known Beretta HQ, and after an interesting visit to the Beretta’s private museum collection, where we have seen incredible master pieces and historic firearms which are responsible to the present evolution.

Experiences in Italian panoramic reserves

We’ve been privileged to visit the Beretta Two factory, which is the department responsible for premium guns. Upon arrival, we met a very interesting gun maker, with much respect from his sub-ordinates we were introduced to Maestro Ferdinando Belleri. Mr Belleri has been with Beretta for more than 45 years, and is the man behind the innovative designs of the SO10 and the latest SL3 premium guns.

Mr Belleri explained in much detail, the idea that led to the creation of the SL3. Whilst being taught about the highlights that every SL3 carries, we could see the selected gun makers mastering with much detail the bespoke firearms. Every bench dedicated to a distinct process, which leads to a finalised master piece.

Maestro Ferdinando Belleri how the wood is selected for the premium range

One thing that impressed me, which I learnt about creating bespoke premium guns is that no mistakes are tolerated and no work is tolerated to be completed in less than being perfect.

Maestro Ferdinando Belleri explaining the philosophy for designing the SL3

For one to understand and appreciate the true value of bespoke guns, one have the knowledge  and experience the journey from when ordering the shotgun till the moment that is being delivered to the end user. The experience itself is fascinating, anything one can dream of, Mr Belleri’s team can gladly please.

No bespoke gun is complete without its distinct engraving design, we have been privileged to visit the artisan craftsmanship of the Beretta artists. Ordained under supervision of Maestro Luca Casari, the team of twelve engravers cautiously and in pure tranquility master their artistic hands to spectacular engravings that anyone can literally dream about. Your vision would surely be realised on one of the Beretta Premium guns by some of the best engravers the world has ever seen.

Maestro Luca Casari

The entry premium gun, the Beretta SL3, can be configured by selected one of the best class in technology using 5-axis laser engraving designs as mastered by Beretta engravers themselves; in a fine english scroll design, a deep scroll design, and two game scene designs for US and European market respectively on the 20-gauge actions. The SL3 also come for both the 12 and 20 gauges in a striking mirror finish.

The SL3 comes in a bespoke leather case, we had the privilege of meeting an extraordinary woman who crafts in much detail any leather accessories for Beretta. The detail in creating, stitching, colour selection and making bespoke details is another benefit you’ll attain from the experience which makes the selected firearm particularly particular to the owner.