The Boutique Collection by FAUSTI

Mr Stefano FAUSTI founded his company in 1948, which ever since hunting and competition shotguns have been manufactured. Taking every attention to detail, with great care and passion. Occurring century old gun making traditions using todays modern advanced technologies.

Today the company is managed by his three daughters; Elena, Giovanna and Barbara. Whom took care to keep synonym the quality whom the name FAUSTI carried for the last century. Every over and under a side by side shotgun is designed to meet the customers’ requests; by having technically an ergonomic shotgun while possessing a collector piece with magnificent estetic features.

FAUSTI took care to keep on the traditions going, by assemble and finish every shotgun by hand, thanks to their qualified staff. Their traditional workshop has been revived and so the boutique line of their deluxe shotguns will continue being hand-crafted in perfect harmony, by creating time pieces by evolving perfection.

The boutique line, endulges the glorious Italian Renaissance, as a neo-classic taste. The selected walnut stocks, majestic engraving signed by artists and the outmost outstanding selected barrel performances. Thight tolerances and high quality control standards assures the manufacturing of state-of-the-art Italian masterpiece shotguns.

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