“The Driven Hunt Experience” by Aimpoint

Aimpoint, the originator and worldwide leader in red dot sighting technology, released earlier this year, the web game “The Driven Hunt Experience” by Aimpoint which is available on Aimpoint’s web sites. This game is now followed up by the introduction of an app with the same name, available for mobile phones. Earlier this year Aimpoint also released “The VR Experience” by Aimpoint designed to fully immerse the user in dynamic and realistic hunting scenarios.

“The VR Experience” was developed with the intention of being an entertaining simulation featuring realistic hunting scenarios. All animals were created with attention to details in anatomy and movement patterns. The hit zones replicated those that are used in real hunting situations and the goal was to imitate shooting techniques recommended by shooting instructors. An important objective for Aimpoint was to demonstrate, in an entertaining and powerful way, the concept of shooting with both eyes open, and the advantages of using the red dot of the Aimpoint® sight as a valuable aiming/reference point. “The Driven Hunt Experience” is a scaled down version of the VR simulation with a simplified and more entertaining approach.

The app version of “The Driven Hunt Experience” will be released on November 10th. It will be available for downloading at Google Play and App Store. It includes the same hunting scenarios as the web game: wild boar hunting, deer hunting and duck hunting. Using your mobile to actively move around with a 360° view and experience the grand hunting environments adds an extra dimension to the experience.

“The goal was to give our customers the opportunity to experience and learn about our products in a new and entertaining way. We are very proud of the result and “The Driven Hunt Experience” web game is already a success. We are quite sure the app will be even more popular.” says Anna Borg, Director of Marketing Communications at Aimpoint AB.